Women’s Self-Care CSA

~Nourishing women & cultivating sustainable communities~

So often women are in the role of caregiver, nurturing others while pushing their own needs to the side. The aspirations of Women’s Self-Care CSA offers an alternative model upholding health, taste and personalization.

The beauty of food lies in it’s seemingly simplicity. Yet dive a bit deeper and you find a myriad of intricate layers. Food doesn’t just nurture and heal our biological bodies but holds the ability to feed us emotionally, culturally, socially and spiritually. Culinary storytelling is just one example of this magical phenomenon.

The Women’s Self-Care CSA is a unique program where member and chef work to personalize food interests and dietary needs. Through this relationship, new flavors and experiences are cultivated. What follows is a basket of small batch artisan goods delivered to your doorstep*. Choices include a range of seasonal sauerkrauts & ferments, sauces and sweets.

*Delivery included for Encinitas residents; all others pickup only.


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