Into the Woods: Culinary Storytelling

The term culinary storytelling stems from Serenity’s graduate thesis titled, Into the Woods: Memory, Identity and the Transformative Act of Culinary Storytelling. Ideologically, the concept is a blending of food and storytelling, recognizing the cultural, psychological and social stories embedded within the foods we consume. These culinary storytelling moments provide a kaleidoscope of themes including gender, identity, memory, metaphor, cultural heritage, emotion and voice. The combination of richly dynamic archetypal stories with the multi-sensory experience of commensality, writing and community taps into a unique format for social, psychological and spiritual growth.

Inspired by the research results, Into the Woods has been developed into a unique multi-sensory workshop blending hands-on culinary activities with archetypal story exercises. Participants gain greater insight into self, explore personal narratives and experience a unique blending of two ancient art forms. Examples include: Demeter & Persephone, Sealskin and Alice in Wonderland.

 “All these stories present the knife of insight, the flame of the passionate life, the breath to speak what one knows, the courage to stand what one sees without looking away, the fragrance of the wild soul” (Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés)